WRITING ON THE WALL Burghley Road (TP018)

Side One

  1. Times Were Rough
  2. Fishers Of Men
  3. Rocky Island
  4. Dream Yourself A Hero

Side Two

  1. Diane's Big Daddy
  2. Live And Learn
  3. Down Home People
  4. Burghley Road
  5. Henry Dawson

Previously unreleased 1972 sessions for their aborted second album, Burghley Road captures the legendary Scottish hard rockers in full flight as they combine Deep Purple-style heavy rock aggression with a more introspective approach reminiscent of the Band. Had this unique album been issued at the time it may well have catapulted Writing on the Wall into the big time, but legal problems prevented its release. Full-colour sleeve with song-notes by bassist and chief songwriter Jake Scott, Burghley Road is a vinyl-only release of 1000 numbered copies.

"Writing On The Wall present themselves here as a typical Pub Rock band who mix Prog Rock/Blues Rock with elements handed down via tradition. It's no coincidence that guitarist Willie Finlayson later cropped up in Bees Make Honey, bringing with him the title tune of this album. WOTW, however, pull it off best when they head for a more sophisticated and psychedelic approach, with the organ and guitar given room to expand as on "Dream Yourself A Hero or "Live And Learn' (which could have stemmed from Jody Grind's debut). My fave is the grooving "Henry Dawson', sailing a middle course between Rory Gallagher and Colosseum." (Hartbeat!)


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