THE END The Last Word (TP047)

Side One

  1. Son Of Lightning
  2. Second Glance
  3. Mistress Bean
  4. For Eleanor
  5. So Free

Side Two

  1. North Thames Gas Board
  2. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
  3. Turn On Waterstone
  4. Smartypants
  5. My Friend

The third and final instalment of Tenth Planet's look at the activities of '60s beat/mod/psych band the End, The Last Word covers their post-Introspection recordings of 1969 and early 1970, nearly all of which are previously unissued, although "Smartypants' was an obscure Spanish-only B-side that appeared under the pseudonym of Los Polos Opuestos. Slightly more mature late psych/early progressive sound from a revised five-piece line-up (aided by cameo appearances from Chris Spedding and "sixth Stone' Ian Stewart), this release is limited to 1000 numbered copies on 190gm vinyl.

"The third and last of Tenth Planet's End releases present ten songs recorded in 1969-70, just prior to their transformation into the more hard rock-oriented Tucky Buzzard. Never fear, though, the sound is still more End than Buzzard, though their more psychedelic shades were by now showing a more progressive tint. Although nine of the ten songs were never released, they are neither scratchy acetates nor sketchy demo tracks, but vibrant, fully-realised studio recordings, with Bill Wyman once again in the producer's role… When the group's confident harmonies and heavy organ and guitar textures click together, there are some great moments. "Second Glance', "Turn On Waterstone' and "My Friend' are especially enjoyable, while "Smartypants' (a rare Spanish B-side) is a groovy little instrumental jam with lashings of Hammond and some inventive organ work." (Ugly Things)


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