1. Permissive Paradise - The Pleasure Garden

2. Baby I Need You - Giorgio & Marco's Men

3. Sunday Afternoon With Emily - Whispers Of Truth

4. Nightmares - Free Expression

5. The Mayor Of Simpleton Hall - The Purge

6. Fun Buggy - The Poets

7. The Devil's Home - The Maniax

8. Spider Spider - Tidal Wave

9. Reality - Whispers Of Truth

10. I Will - Blackthorn Winter

11. The Knave - The Purge

12. Heyla Hola - The Poets

13. Hangman's Rope - Euphoria

14. Tell The World - Kat

15. Wild Man Of The Forest - Fringe Benefit


Active throughout the 1990s, Syde Tryps was Tenth Planet's highly-regarded vinyl-only compilation series of British psych-era flotsam and jetsam, mostly drawn from acetates and private label releases. Owing to a pressing plant mishap, the first volume appeared back in 1993 in a considerably lower number than the intended 500 pressing. Now available on CD (with the addition of seven-minute bonus track "Wild Man Of The Forest'), Syde Tryps One includes such winners as both sides of the horribly rare self-financed single by Wiltshire's the Purge, a handful of tracks from the second volume of the equally elusive Samantha Promotions promo-only albums and a wonderful Swinging London flexi-disc by pre-Badfinger band the Iveys, masquerading under the pseudonym the Pleasure Garden.


"The CD debut for the first of Tenth Planet's already semi-legendary Syde Tryps compilations of forgotten '60s beat and psychedelia. Most of these recordings were low-budget and/or medium-to-low-fi to begin with, and expensive re-mastering aside, remain paragons of the '60s demo-studio ethos. But rest assured that what they lack in technology, they make up for with technique. Highlights include the Pleasure Garden's "Permissive Paradise' - a Small Faces-inspired, fuzz guitar/piano-based stormer - which was originally a flexi-disc from a book extolling the virtues of Carnaby Street; and the Knave's "Mayor Of Simpleton Hall', a quirky pop ditty which predates XTC's uncannily similar "Mayor Of Simpleton' (from Oranges And Lemons) by some twenty years." (Record Collector)


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