Side One

  1. Your Servant Stephen
  2. Mazy (single version)
  3. Big Giant Man
  4. Lost My Lover
  5. Lovey Dovey Feeling
  6. Silver Queen Of The Screen
  7. When You're Getting Tired
  8. Rum Sensation

Side Two

  1. Called And Chosen
  2. Esprit De Corps
  3. The Hovercraft Song
  4. Goodbye Child
  5. Morning
  6. Do Not Wait For Better Times
  7. Mazy (demo version)
  8. My Friends And I

Sixteen tracks cut across 1967-68 by one of the most enigmatic UK psych-pop acts, who recorded two highly regarded singles for Polydor before disappearing forever. This set features "Esprit de Corps', "Your Servant Stephen' and two versions of the classic "Mazy' as well as twelve previously unreleased tracks that confirm the Peep Show to have been an extraordinary, even unique group who boasted a peculiar lyrical vision and idiosyncratic pop sensibilities. 1000 numbered copies on 190gm vinyl.


"The Peep Show are a revelation. Their sound is unique, a drifting, ethereal approach, almost a lo-fi Left Banke." (Record Collector)

"Wonderful 16-song album… an immensely palatable serving of esoteric British 60s pop." (Ugly Things)


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