Side One

  1. Azalia & Rhododendron (Two Little Ladies) - The Crocheted Doughnut Ring
  2. Just Like Loving You Baby - The Fingers
  3. Garden Song - Bill Fay
  4. Stories Of Jesus - Clive Palmer
  5. I Go To Sleep - The Fingers
  6. Yesterday Was Such A Lovely Day (Elsie) - Sadie's Expression
  7. Look Away - The Fingers
  8. Nice - The Crocheted Doughnut Ring

Side Two

  1. Pilgrim - Gerald Moore
  2. California Here I Come - River
  3. The Sun Is Bored - Bill Fay
  4. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - The Jubilee Lovelies
  5. I Hear The Sun - The Fingers
  6. The Room - Bill Fay
  7. Oh - The Fingers
  8. Sadie Moonshine - Barry Fantoni

Psych-based overview of the activities of prolific '60s producer (and Donovan manager) Peter Eden, this anthology includes material from (amongst others) the Fingers, Crocheted Doughnut Ring, Bill Fay and former Incredible String Band member Clive Palmer. Sixteen tracks (many previously unreleased), this highly-praised set comes with an insert featuring biographies and photos of both Eden and the bands. 1000 numbered copies on 190gm vinyl.

"Not strictly a reissue in that over half the tracks were previously unreleased, but let's not let pedantry come between us and a classic. Peter Eden was one of those overlooked polymaths that the '60s churned out by the cult load. Nice rounds up the best of his distinctive production, arranging and songwriting. Crocheted Doughnut Ring's "Azalia & Rhododendron' (and wigged-out B-side) is everything an English psychedelic record should be. The Fingers do a sublime job of Ray Davies's "I Go To Sleep' (has anyone ever managed a bad version?). Gerald Moore does the "trad arr' thing with John Bunyan's "To Be A Pilgrim' with inspired results. And if you play the Fingers' "Just Like Loving You Baby' backwards, it clearly says, "Mmm, Dave Cash on Radio One Club, isn't it? Wet playground. Indoor break and steamy windows. Marvellous!" My copy does anyway." (Mojo)

"Entrepreneur Peter Eden was involved in some remarkable outings. Most fascinating are the Fingers, who were touted as one of the UK's first psychedelic bands in late 1966. Their five tracks here are great - the previously-unreleased "I Hear' is spectacular, high-energy, harmony-heavy pop composed by Eden. Elsewhere, "Nice, by the Crocheted Doughnut Ring, is a slice of drifting ambience, anticipating Eno's Another Green World by eight years, and three unreleased 1969 Bill Fay tracks reveal him as a great lost baroque singer-songwriter." (Record Collector)

"Many of the tracks here fall on the softer side of the British pop-psych spectrum, but they include some of the most exquisite renderings to be found in that genre… Stacked with enough gems to make it well worth the investment." (Ugly Things)

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