MOON'S TRAIN Moon's Train (TP037)

Side One

  1. The Life I Lead
  2. Wait For Me
  3. You Got Me
  4. Say What I Mean
  5. Loving, Sacred Loving
  6. Bakerman
  7. Telephone Talker
  8. My Town

Side Two

  1. I'm Not The Marrying Kind
  2. I Get Excited
  3. My Love For You
  4. Shades Of Orange
  5. Home And Dry
  6. Nervous
  7. Moanin'
  8. Memories Of You

A collection of unissued-at-the-time 1966-67 recordings by Swinging London club band Moon's Train, who were led by Bill Wyman's songwriting partner Peter "Moon' Gosling. This collection charts their development through a Georgie Fame-style R&B/jazz/soul hybrid to full-blown psychedelia, including the original versions of the End single "Shades Of Orange'/'Loving Sacred Loving'. All tracks produced by Wyman (who also co-wrote most of the songs) and engineered by Glyn Johns, with backing vocals on most tracks by P. P. Arnold. Full colour sleeve, fabulous photos, extensive liner notes, 1000 numbered copies on 190gm vinyl.


"A sturdy amalgam of pure R&B and jazz, proceedings are driven along by Gosling's gruff vocals. In fact, as the Stones were moving away from their R&B roots towards psychedelic whimsy, Wyman was indulging himself with some genuine old-style soul... The album was left forgotten after Stones manager Allen Klein put a stop to Wyman's extracurricular activity. It isn't a great lost masterpiece, but it does provide an insight into Wyman's composing ability and showcase Peter Gosling's great voice." (Record Collector)


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