MILLER Summerland (TP030)

Side One

  1. Where Did It Go?
  2. The In Things
  3. Time Has No Meaning
  4. Time And Time Again
  5. Forget Me Not
  6. Who Cares About The Moon
  7. Soho Solitaire

Side Two

  1. Sweet Talk Town
  2. Peter Pan
  3. Willow Tree
  4. Antoinette
  5. Fiesta Time
  6. Listen Girl
  7. Oh Miss Halliday

When not masquerading as blissed-out psychodaisy Big Boy Pete, Norwich-based composer, musician and singer Pete Miller also wrote and recorded a number of more conventional songs. Some of these were covered by relatively successful acts (Freddie & the Dreamers, Sounds Orchestral, the Knack), but Pete's only recording in this vein that actually reached the shops was the wired garage pop of "Baby I Got News For You', an October 1965 single credited to Miller. However, many more tracks were recorded at his home studio during the mid-'60s. Summerland assembles fourteen of his finest recordings in the mainstream pop idiom, all previously unreleased and taken from the original mastertapes, to provide further evidence that this idiosyncratic writer and performer was one of the era's most neglected talents. 1000 numbered copies on 190gm vinyl.

"Pete Miller has a genuine knack for writing clever songs. This LP is categorised as being the poppiest of all the stuff that is being released by Tenth Planet, but some of the songs really show his gift for experimentation. "Time Has No Meaning' is definitely the most interesting song on the LP, but you should get it for its incredible crispness and well-arranged mix of vocals and instruments." (Ugly Things)


"Miller tames the sonic experimentation on the pop-oriented Summerland, producing more subtle textures. But that doesn't mean the songs are uninteresting - just check out the slide parts on "Forget Me Not' and the slippery fuzz lines on "Where Did It Go?' (Guitar Player)


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