THE KLUBS Midnight Love Cycle (WHCD011)

1. Can't Ebenezer See My Mind?

2. Indian Dreams

3. The Stripper

4. Only John Tring

5. I Found The Sun

6. Ever Needed Someone

7. Midnight Love Cycle

8. Fire

9. Can't Ebenezer See My Mind? (alternative version)

10. Oh Baby

11. Indian Dreams (acoustic version)

12. Livin' Today

Bonus Tracks

13. Train To Nowhere (live, 2000)

14. Indian Dreams (live, 2000)

15. Midnight Love Cycle (live, 2000)

16. A Simple Song (live, 2000)

17. Can't Ebenezer See My Mind? (live, 2000)

18. Unknown (by Strife)

19. We Will Always Be Together (by The Lettermen)

20. One Last Time (by The Lettermen)

21. I Wonder (by John & Noz)

1967-69 recordings from the band that Record Collector described as "the great lost British psychedelic group of the era". Heavily indebted to Tomorrow and S. F. Sorrow-era Pretty Things, this album features material recorded for Decca and EMI as well as various extraordinary demos cut at the group's Liverpool base and both sides of the private label single "I Found The Sun'. The vinyl version of this release, which was voted Record Collector"s Album of the Year for 1999, sold out within weeks, but this CD equivalent includes everything from that album plus highlights from a subsequent Klubs reformation gig at the Cavern Club as well as a handful of early '70s recordings by spin-off bands like the Letterman and Strife. 20 page booklet with extended essay on the band and tons of photos.

"Imagine the MC5 if they were everything they're touted to be. Now imagine they're Brits into psych and beat the New York Dolls and Kiss to the punch in the dress and make-up department. Well, you still won't have a clue what the Klubs are about… For rock'n'roll citizens living in a hip-hop world, this is must-have. Purchase it immediately." (Ugly Things)

" Midnight Love Cycle is quite simply one of the psychedelic finds of the decade, on a par with similar discoveries such as the Misunderstood's Before The Dream Faded and Magic In The Air by the Attack. Influenced in no small part by the Pretty Things and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Midnight Love Cycle is nothing less than magnificent; an absolutely essential addition to any collection of late '60s psychedelia." (Record Collector)

"The Klubs' psychedelic cuts for Decca and EMI are coupled with unreleased demos as Midnight Love Cycle. Think Tomorrow and the Pretty Things' circa S. F. Sorrow and you're halfway there." (Mojo)


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