THE FLOWER POT MEN Midsummer Dreaming (TP051)

Side One

  1. Let's Go To San Francisco (Parts 1 & 2)
  2. Mythological Sunday (as Friends)
  3. Say Goodbye To Yesterday
  4. Jingle #1
  5. Midsummer Dreaming (as John Carter & Russ Alquist)
  6. Mr. Light (as John Carter & Mickey Keen)
  7. Blow Away

Side Two

  1. A Walk In The Sky
  2. The Cooks Of Cake And Kindness
  3. Jingle #2
  4. The Laughing Man (as John Carter & Russ Alquist)
  5. A Night To Be Remembered (as Dawn Chorus)
  6. Children Of Tomorrow
  7. Let's Go Back To San Francisco

50 minute master-tapes anthology of the best psych-based late '60s recordings from backroom genius John Carter and friends, with the full seven-minute version of "Let's Go To San Francisco Pts 1 &2', both sides of the Carter/Alquist single "Laughing Man'/'Midsummer Dreaming', the Friends 45 "Mythological Sunday' and a variety of tracks released under other aliases, some amazing demo recordings and radio station jingles. Incredible full colour Swinging London sleeve with an insert that details the personnel on each track, 1000 numbered copies on 190gm vinyl.

"Because they looked more like TV repairmen than weavers of Technicolor dreams, Ken Lewis and John Carter never received the acclaim they deserved. Dismissed as a cash-in team, mainly because of their summer of '67 hit "Let's Go To San Francisco', their brand of cleverly-arranged close harmony pop was the nearest thing this country had to the Beach Boys or the Association. Highlights include the full-length version of San Fran and its follow-up, "A Walk In The Sky', and the eight-minute "Children Of Tomorrow', with its let's-all-link-hands-and-save-the-world coda. Best of all, though, is "Blow Away', a note -perfect Byrds pastiche." (Mojo)

"A highly recommended trip... the Flower Pot Men were a great deal more experimental than they were ever given credit for. This compilation is an overdue showcase for ex-Ivy League man John Carter's talents as a songwriter and recording artist, and as such, is an essential purchase for anyone interested in the pop music of the mid-to-late '60s." (Record Collector)

"First thing you notice, of course, is the beautiful multicoloured Phil Smee-designed sleeve, in a sort of Lord John-meets-Yellow Submarine style. There are some absolutely essential gems here. On one piece of solid virgin vinyl in amazing wraparoundsound you get John Carter & Russ Alquist's superduper 45 sides "Midsummer Dreaming' and "The Laughing Man', the Flower Pot Men's (unreleased at the time) "Blow Away', which is a real beauty, their version (basically the same) of "The Cooks Of Cake And Kindness' (The Californians) and their lengthy prog-pop "Children Of Tomorrow' (NOT the Mike Stuart Span song) amongst others. What more do you want for your £12? Blood? Go getů but be quick." (Sweet Floral Albion)


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