Side One

  1. Granny Takes A Trip - The Purple Gang
  2. Maxwell Ferguson - Brass Tacks
  3. First Line (Seven The Row) - The Deviants
  4. Travellin' Song - The Pentangle
  5. Lady Mary - The Sallyangie
  6. Rosalyn - 1984
  7. Head For The Sun - The Movement

Side Two

  1. Billy The Monster - The Deviants
  2. The Wizard - The Purple Gang
  3. This Little Boy - 1984
  4. What's The Matter With Juliet - Particular People
  5. Light Flight - The Pentangle
  6. What A Way To Die - Ola
  7. Death Of A Dream Machine - The Deviants

From-the-master-tapes anthology of UK psychedelic rock/folk/pop recorded for the Transatlantic and Big T labels between 1967 and 1969, including material from the likes of the Deviants, the Purple Gang, the Sallyangie (Mike Oldfield's first band), and the Pentangle as well as mysterious psych-pop one-offs by Brass Tracks (the heavily-phased "Maxwell Ferguson'), the Movement, 1984, Ola and Particular People. Fabulous full colour sleeve with insert featuring band photos and biographies, 1000 numbered copies on 190gm vinyl.

"This second serving of late '60s fizzy psych-pop features items from the Transatlantic and Big T labels - which means the Purple Gang's "Granny Takes A Trip', Pentangle's "Light Flight' and several other rainbow shades between. The spirit of psychedelic absurdity is best embodied by the Purple Gang's "The Wizard'. "I can turn the sun into the moon/I can turn September into June", they intone, without ever explaining how such topsy-turvy behaviour would benefit humankind." (Mojo)

"Much to satisfy even the most discerning psych fan… A great package, and a welcome addition to the psych-compilation canon." (Record Collector)

"Some choice selections from the Transatlantic Records catalogue… As you'd expect from Tenth Planet, the music comes complete with detailed liner notes in a thoroughly classy package." (Ugly Things)


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