COMPLEX The Way We Feel (WHCD009)

1. Every Time I Hear That Song

2. Am I

3. We Don't Exist

4. Lemon Pie Fair

5. The Way I Feel

6. Moving Moor

7. Jeananette

8. Hey Girl You've Got Style

9. If You Are My Love

Bonus Tracks

10. Moving Moor (alternative version)

11. The Way I Feel (alternative version)

Lancashire psych-pop band Complex recorded two albums at the start of the 1970s that were pressed in a total quantity of 99 copies and then sold to their fans at local gigs. Some twenty years later, both albums were selling to well-heeled collectors for £1,000 apiece. The first-ever authorised reissues came out through Tenth Planet as vinyl pressings in the late '90s, but these quickly sold out. However, the second album, which adds a slight bubblegum edge to their retro psych-pop approach, is currently still available on CD, complete with a couple of previously-unreleased bonus tracks, taken from an (unsuccessful) EMI recording test. The booklet incorporates the original front sleeve design, the band's history and previously unseen photos.

"Complex were certainly out of the loop in 1970. Based in Blackpool, they had short-ish hair, no beards and unhip, concise post-Beatle songs. They might echo other bands, but ultimately they sound unique - only the equally obscure Forever Amber have a similar feel. It's difficult to work out whether this was due to isolation or a severe case of wilfully backward-looking inspiration. Whatever the reason, this captivating album hints at greatness that might've been if circumstances were different." (Record Collector)


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