CHIMERA Chimera (TP054)

Side One

  1. Come Into The Garden
  2. The Grail
  3. Sad Song For Winter
  4. Mary's Mystery
  5. Lady With Bullets In Her Hair

Side Two

  1. Black Hat Babe
  2. Song In E
  3. Episode At Telegraph Hill
  4. Morning Sounds
  5. Peru

Legendary in collector circles for years, this magnificent unreleased album from the late '60s UK acid folk/psych scene belatedly gets a release. Led by a couple of Swinging London pop groupies, Chimera recorded their album for Morgan Blue Town, but it was never released after an accident to the lead singer that would have prevented her from being available to promote it. The sessions were produced by the group's manager, Pink Floyd's Nick Mason - both he and Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright make cameo instrumental appearances, while other names involved include the Smoke's Mal Luker, who plays guitar and produces the earlier tracks, future Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Weston, and the Orange Bicycle's Wil Malone, who arranges all the songs. This vinyl release (limited to 1000 numbered copies on 190gm vinyl) features a stunning full colour sleeve and an insert that details the full Chimera story (and what a story it is!) with quotes and photos.

"An album of superb psychedelic folk pre-dating Mellow Candle and Fairport Convention… both girls provide distinctive vocal performances, and all the songs are strong. Essential." (Record Collector)


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