BIG BOY PETE Return To Catatonia (TP035)

Side One

  1. "Twas Not So Short Ago
  2. Me
  3. Summerland
  4. Nasty Nazi
  5. The Raid
  6. Creosote And Cream
  7. Crystal's Tune

Side Two

  1. Strontium Ninety Nel
  2. Convercircles
  3. The Day Stares Straight Back
  4. Henry Nut (part two)
  5. Hung Up
  6. Sums
  7. The Shelter

After the runaway success of the new-deleted collection Homage To Catatonia, this set ransacks Big Boy Pete's astonishing home studio vaults once more to present another fourteen tracks of previously unreleased, sitar-based psych madness from the legendary Norwich-based fruitcake. Retrieved from the twilight zone to reveal the colour of the artist's dreams and fantasies: strange, fractured epiphanies informed equally by the more surreal realms of science fiction and the countercultural zeitgeist, the result is a window on the curious world of Big Boy Pete, although whether we are viewing through clear glass or merely standing in a hall of distorted mirrors is anyone's guess. 1000 numbered copies on 190gm vinyl.


"A set of lunatic concoctions every bit as memorable as Homage To Catatonia. Miller's home-cooked crackpot psychedelia may not be for everyone, but the adventurous will not be disappointed; this is remarkably good gravy." (Ugly Things)


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