ANGEL PAVEMENT Maybe Tomorrow (TP057)

Side One

  1. The Man In The Shop On The Corner
  2. Maybe Tomorrow
  3. The Time Is Upon Us
  4. Green Mello Hill
  5. Little Old Man
  6. When Will I See June Again
  7. Genevieve

Side Two

  1. Water Woman
  2. Napoleon
  3. Socialising
  4. Jennifer
  5. Carrie
  6. I'm A Dreamer
  7. Baby You've Gotta Stay
  8. I'm Moving On

Best known for their highly regarded late '60s singles (including the popsike classic "Green Mello Hill', featured herein)), Angel Pavement actually cut an entire album for Monty Babson's Morgan Blue Town set-up in 1969, but sadly it failed to appear at the time due to the two singles' lack of commercial success. Including a great cover version of the Iveys' title track, Maybe Tomorrow is a long-overdue release of that lost album, featuring no less than a dozen previously unreleased tracks alongside the 45s. A genuine late '60s baroque harmony pop classic in the same vein as Left Banke and Honeybus, this release includes a glossy insert detailing the Angel Pavement story. 1000 numbered copies on 190gm vinyl.


"Without wishing to build expectations too prematurely, I have to say that this is a real beauty of an album… it sounds to me like one of the strongest projects ever to come out of a Morgan act. Baroque harmony pop with strong tunes and five-part harmony singing which just makes you smile as you listen. There are a number of tunes here which have a lot more going on in them than you might at first think, and repays repeated listening. This is my record of the month without a doubt!" (Shindig!)


"Very impressive… an amazing wealth of great songs. It really is difficult to know where to begin when every track is so lovely. This is unreservedly recommended." (Sweet Floral Albion)

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